Fångö Taxibåtar

Cooking over an open fire

An activity that suits all seasons and all contexts
Feel how food and drink taste outdoors, especially when you have made it together. Cooking over an open fire doesn't have to be cumbersome. In the frying pan you can cook everything from burgers to a risotto or why not a rich stew. Most of it can be cooked over an open fire outdoors. 
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If you are a larger group that wants to strengthen your community by cooking outdoors, we are happy to help you with that.

We will collaborate with Fyrudden's restaurant where their chefs put together a menu that you cook over an open fire out on an island in the archipelago.

We are responsible for equipment and boat transport. Get in touch for more information about the set-up and price

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Create a really good winter cozy together with family and friends. You rent equipment from us to cook together in a place in the archipelago or in any place in the country where you know you will thrive.

You can buy all the food yourself and only rent the equipment you need.

Or you can choose that we buy food and accessories as desired and have it packed and ready for you.